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Over the years, we try to connect with others through online platforms and in other ways. On this page you will find a collection of videos, past memories, and resources that will let you see into our Church history, as well as further help You to grow in your walk with God

Past Memories

 Message Recordings

  As a church, we have heard quite a few messages and would like to share some of them with you.                                                                    Here are just a few of them!

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Coming Soon!

Media Anchor

Our Facebook Feed

We Use Rightnow Media!

As a Church, we are glad to introduce a library of Christian media through the use of Rightnow Media! This library includes a multitude of bible study videos, messages, and testimonies- for every age. 

Use this link to sign up for rightnow media under Exchange Fellowship Church:

Come Join Us. You Will Fit Right In!

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